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Cumberland United v Para Hills - A.A Bailey Reserve, Winona Ave, Clarence Gardens, Adelaide, South Australia
David Bounds - (Para Hills)8 - Troy Rutter (Cumberland United)9 - Alex Mullen (Para Hills - kicking ball)9 - Robert MacDonald (Cumberland)3 - J.Harvey (Cumberland United)18 - Sean Brennan (Para Hills - with ball)8 - Troy Rutter (Cumberland United - on left)18 - J. Davis (Cumberland United - behind Sean)18 - J. Wyten (Para Hills)18 - J.Davis (Cumberland United)3 - M.Wise (Para Hills - on ground)Ben Moore (GK - Para Hills)3 - M.Wise (Para Hills)9 - Robert MacDonald (Cumberland United)21 - Aaron Goulding (Para Hills - defending)18 - J. Davis (Cumberland United)7 - Daniel Carter (Cumberland United)3 - J.Harvey (Cumberland United)9 - Robert MacDonald (Cumberland United - with ball)3 - M. Wise (Para Hills)5 - Shane Tobias (Para Hills)7 - Daniel Carter (Cumberland United21 - Aaron Goulding (Para Hills - clearing ball)8 - Troy Rutter (Cumberland United)GK - Ben Moore (Para Hills)3 - M. Wise (Para Hills)8 - Troy Rutter (Cumberland United - he passed the ball past Wise)17 - Alor Bulabek (Cumberland United)GK - Ben Moore (Para Hills)20 - Simon Catanzaro (Para Hills)8 - Troy Rutter (Cumberland United)Drinks9 - Alex Mullen (Para Hills)