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Round 29 of the NPL State League - Pirates vs Adelaide Olympic
Referee:Stephen TothAssistant:Charlie AttanaAssistant:Peter Thomas14. Ethan Nash3. Michael Mastropaolo6. Ross Gray15. Anthony Costalos7. James Coley10. Johnny Mavromatis9. Herman Fombason14. Ethan NashPirates2. Tyler Waterhouse6. Ross Gray9. Herman Fombason6. Ross Gray9. Herman Fombason7. James Coley12. Pantelis Alexandropoulos15. Anthony Costalos12. Pantelis Alexandropoulos1. Michael Speer13. Daniel Pearce12. Pantelis Alexandropoulos15. Anastas KristoReferee:Stephen Toth2. Tyler Waterhouse2. Tyler Waterhouse